Pennsylvania Sponsor a Highway

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Pennsylvania Sponsor a Highway

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Pennsylvania Sponsor a Highway

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Pennsylvania Sponsor a Highway

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We provide businesses in Pennsylvania with a means to directly reach their customer base through roadside signage sponsorships.

Businesses that purchase a sponsorship receive positive exposure and branding 24/7. Your signs will capture the attention of your current customers as well as hundreds of thousands of potential customers each day.

With all those potential customers driving by your business, don’t you want them to know you are there?

Pennsylvania Sponsor a Highway


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“We initially inquired with Adopt A Highway Maintenance Corporation® about the Sponsor A Highway® Program to learn more about the benefits for our business. We found that the program provided signage near our office locations for additional business exposure and brand awareness, but also gave us an opportunity to get involved in our community by keeping the highways clean.”

Dean Lucente, President, AmCheck Corporation


“When customers mention seeing our signs we feel that our involvement in the program has created a positive connection to the environment as well as the community and we believe that our customers now view our business in a more positive way because of it. I would recommend the Sponsor A Highway® Program to anyone looking for a deeper connection with their community and positive brand exposure.”

Bob Valeri, 1-800-GOT-JUNK?


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
& the Pennsylvania Sponsor A Highway® Program

Pennsylvania Sponsor a Highway

A partnership with the Pennsylvania Sponsor A Highway® Program would mean that:

  • Collaboratively, thousands of miles of Pennsylvania roadway will be cleaned, and millions of pounds of litter will be removed.
  • Your business will continue to enhance its Corporate Social Responsibility making you a major leader in environmental awareness throughout the community in which you and your employees work and live.
  • Your business will inspire other companies and individuals to take on environmental initiatives.

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